Here’s the #1 Factor That Determines Whether Profits SoAR or Sink.

Here’s an ugly truth.

We think you can handle it though…

In fact, we think you already know this truth deep in your heart.

Ready for it?

Ugly Truth: If your copy and creatives suck, you’re not going to have success selling online.

Oh sure, there are some exceptions…

But in general, the stronger your copy and messaging are…

The better your business will do.

In fact, we can pretty much guarantee you that if you’ve got “fire” copy and “sizzling creatives,” you’re going to make a lot of money. The traffic part is easy (at least once you work with us ) but the copy part is hard. That’s where our expert team comes in.

Why You Need To Hire Us For Your Copy & Creatives…

We’ve sold over $650,000,000 worth of products online in the past 5 years. And almost all of this success can be attributed to strong copy. Which means whether you need a sales letter, web copy, email copy, or something else…

We are hands-down the 100% best solution for you.

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A Few Kind Words From Others…

“What can I say about Red Ox Consulting that hasn’t already been said? Their command of copywriting is something I’ve admired for a long time and they’re without a doubt world class copy experts. If there’s one group I turn to for copywriting advice or help, it’s undoubtedly Red Ox. Highly Recommend.”

Scott Rewick Co-Founder of Lexicon Health (#88 on the 2017 INC 500)

“I knew Red Ox was really good when I saw their head copywriter speak at Ed O’Keefe’s event in Chicago. I learned more in that presentation than I had in my whole career. Plus when I asked other copywriters how their copy chief was, they all replied ‘he’s the best’

Glenn DawsonCo-Founder of Reset U Fitness

“Red Ox is the best when you need copy that converts, we have not been able to beat their control for over 6 months now.”

Braun MillerNerve Aid

“Red Ox is one of the most brilliant direct response marketing firms I’ve had the good fortune of working with. Besides having world-class copywriters, they generate incredibly out-of-the-box ideas that lead to more sales. From increasing average order value to building relationships with customers, nobody does it better. For us they have become a great strategic partner that balances a strong fact-based approach to writing with great creativity and judgement. Highly recommend.”

Dane AlexanderFormer CFO/COO of Athletic Greens