Turn Your Call Center Into A Profit Center

Your call center should be printing you money hand-over-fist.

Bottom Line.


We know from experience (more on that in a second).

What really shocks us however is the fact that so many companies still refer to customer service as an “expense”…

That’s like owning a loaded gold mine and referring to it as “that hole in the ground”…

You’re seriously missing the point.

Let Us Introduce You To Turtle Peak…

Turtle Peak is our sister company. We guess you could call them a “call center”…

But that’s kind of like calling a Gulfstream a “plane”…

Turtle Peak is an elite squad of customer service experts. Our representatives are trained in all aspects of online marketing, eCommerce, and conversions. What this means is that we truly understand both your customer experience and your customer needs. And in turn this allows us to achieve absolutely stellar results for our clients.

We know from experience.

You see: Turtle Peak started as the “in house” customer service team for one of our supplement companies. Over the course of two years and $20MM in revenue, Turtle Peak was the secret weapon that kept chargebacks below 0.5% and our refunds below 8%. Those numbers are unheard of in direct response supplement sales. Oh yeah, and they also grossed us an extra 7 figures a year at a very high profit margin.

Here’s a Few Things That Make Turtle Peak Special

We’re Unscripted.

Scripts are for robots. Our agents are artists. While we certainly have a general outline we follow during conversations with your customers, our highly-trained agents are given a great amount of autonomy as well. This allows them to present your customers with unique upsell opportunities, uncover hidden objections that save refunds, and flat-out provide better service.

We’re 100% U.S. Based

Turtle Peak is based in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. So are its agents. This means better communication and trust with your customers, which leads to greater outcomes for you. And by the way – don’t forget that Las Vegas is the hospitality capital of the world. As a result, we’re able to tap into an immense pool of highly trained service industry professionals whenever we bring on a new agent.

Our Culture Is A++

Our team is truly a family. Our agents LOVE coming to work, and it shines through when they’re on the phone with your prospects or customers. In fact, in the last two years we’ve only had one agent quit (and that was because she was homesick). Our agents go bowling together, hangout all weekend together, and are basically BFFs. This might not sound like something you need to know about but remember: happier agents means happier customers.

Commission Only Outbound

Okay so fine we’re not the only ones who do commission only, but we are really f*cking good at it. Whether you want to reach out to existing customers to get them to buy again, convert a partial to a sale, or convert a cold lead – we’ll make the sale at no upfront expense to you.

We Are An ROI Machine

Here’s the bottom line. For every $1 you spend with Turtle Peak you can expect to generate at least $3 in revenue. That’s a 300% ROI. And on top of that, this is all revenue with a very high profit margin. And that’s not even factoring in the tens-of-thousands of dollars you’ll save each year in avoided refunds and chargebacks.


Get Introduced to Turtle Peak today.