Almost every marketer knows that their customer list is a goldmine. Yet too many of us wait too long to monetize our data. Or worse still, we never monetize it at all. It’s not that we’re lazy – it’s just that we’re busy. Fortunately, Red Ox Consulting can help.

Whether you have an active offer, you’re starting a new offer, or you have legacy data that’s been collecting digital dust…

Red Ox provides a turnkey list-management solution that will dramatically increase your Net Income, help to mitigate chargebacks and refunds, and create more loyal customers.

15 High Quality Autoresponders Sent To Your List Each Month

8-10 Promotional Emails Sent To Your List (Can Promote External or Internal Offers)

Email CRM Setup and Integration

Affiliate Sign Ups

List Admin and Upkeep

Creative Edits/Preps

Outbound Phone Campaigns to Leads & Existing Customers

Custom Sequences for Converting “Partials” and Getting Reorders

Legal Oversight

Stats/Feedback & Reporting

Email Loads/Sequence Set UP

Content Review

Last year, with a list of about 85,000 customers we generated over $1MM in additional revenue through our monetization efforts.

To us this just further proves two simple truths:

Every Day You’re Not Monetizing Your Data,You’re Saying “F YOU” to Money.


Contact Red Ox Consulting Today and Start Monetizing Your Data