How Much Money Is Your Funnel Leaving On The Table?

Your online sales funnel is where the magic happens. It’s where you take prospects on a transformative journey. They start off as cold or warm prospects, but if your funnel is done right, they’ll finish as loyal advocates for your product or services. And this holds true no matter what the purpose of your funnel is, regardless of whether your goal is for a “paying customer” or a new lead.

Some people make the mistake of simply thinking of their sales funnel from a structural perspective. In other words, they’re mostly concerned with their funnel’s “flow.” While this is incredibly important, every page of your funnel also presents numerous opportunities for improvement.

At Red Ox Consulting, we’re experts in optimizing funnels. We can help you increase your average order value by 75%, dramatically improve conversions, and provide an overall superior consumer experience. Our team will dissect your funnel page-by-page and identify all of the areas where you’re leaving money on the table. We can assist you in implementing winning “order bumps” that increase order size without hurting conversions, increasing opt-ins, implementing high-converting upsells, and reducing common tech and design flaws that are unnecessarily killing your conversions.

Additionally, we can assist in setting up and implementing all sorts of advanced tracking programs, from Google Tag Manager to heat maps like Crazy Egg.

Oh yeah, and we A/B like crazy too.

So to sum it up: working with Red Ox means finally feeling confident that you have the best possible funnel for your business. It means more conversions and more revenue generated. And it means gaining the insights into consumer behavior that will provide you with the competitive edge you need to win.

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